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Look over the shoulder of EMS educators and get the inside information you need to finally pass any EMS exam.

This 90 minute webcast is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to succeed on regional, local and national exams including the NREMT.

The key elements discussed during this presentation are:

  • Testing Anxiety – discover how to overcome this often crippling exam side effect and the two key factors that can eliminate it.
  • Exam Basics – how should you REALLY prepare and why your study habits may not be a problem.
  • Get powerful study techniques that you may be surprised are at your fingertips.
  • Exam Formats – What formats can you expect from both your instructors and state agencies. How each can hurt or help your outcome.
  • NREMT CBT – Watch as we go underground and dispel the myths and facts on this often stressed yet vital exam process.
  • Exam Breakdown – You get front row seats as we dissect exam questions and break down the barriers that mean the difference between passing and failing.
  • Q&A – Even though we’re sure to cover everything you could ever think of. We opened up the session to questions and answered them in real time.
  • The recorded video and audio along with the transcript of the session, chat logs, Q & A logs and resources are also included for immediate access. 

In addition, selected bonus materials have been added to compliment this resource. ems exam test taking help

NREMT CBT Interview with Dr. Margolis – The Written Transcripts – $20 value Everyday EMS Tips Collection – Volume One – $27 value Exam Study and Testing Action Sheet – $29 value Event Logs and Resource Listing – $17 value Plus – The Exam Boot Camp Underground Transcript with Jim & Greg – $39 value

These bonuses are worth over $120 – Yours FREE!!

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  1. 4 out of 5


    my problem is all this training is at my ex Spence. Back in the 70th the cost was any wheres from $10 to $9otes for the emt course and work book. and the passing was a lot more harder then it is now. ether you new it or you didn’t pass. so how is it going to be less costly and back to know or fail and pass when you know. Most ambulance serves are ether a $3 stand by or pay by call. So the monies not here to spend on all that training. Also cost of gas now. I’M 67 Y/O and still going strong. thank you for letting me venter late. DORANCE GRAY EMT-I

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